The Most Important Thing for New Grad Dentists

The most important thing for a new grad dentists to focus on is not compensation or pay.
The Most Important Thing for New Grad Dentists
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Most new grad dentists have a lot to focus on: finding an office that will hire them, making sure that gig has good benefits, daily min or compensation, good location, awesome work culture, etc. On top of that, there's student loans, imposter syndrome, possible relocation, marriage, kids, and the list goes on! Everything listed above is extremely important, but if we focus strictly on career, I personally think the one thing new grads should focus on is mentorship.

Calculate Your Expenses First

Obviously, student loans and bills are a thing and need to be paid. Crunch all the numbers and see what your monthly expenses look like. Once you know this rough number, you can approach evaluating jobs a little differently.

Mentorship is King

I personally believe as a new grad, you should put more weight on good mentorship rather than compensation. A good mentor can catapult your career, guide you through the rough first year, and help you out when you're stuck in a bind. Your focus should not necessarily be "make the most money possible", but rather to learn and grow as much as you can. A good mentor will allow you to try things without being alone, something that is critical in the early years. Consider it an early investment, and as you grow, the money will follow.

So yes, if you're evaluating a few job offers, pick the one with the best mentorship opportunity (as long as it still financially makes sense and doesn't put strain on you or your family). Got a tip? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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